Download the Heavy Pets' Entire Show at New York's Bowery Ballroom

Fort Lauderdale jam outfit the Heavy Pets are currently on the road promoting their third album, Swim Out Past the Sun, which is officially released on October 22.

Fortunately for everyone needing a fix of fresh Pets in the live setting, the guys' swing through the Big Apple at the storied Bowery Ballroom was recorded by music archivist NYCtaper.

For those unfamiliar with the venerable authorized bootleg site, it is a godsend for anyone craving live performances from their favorite acts that don't sound like they were recorded underneath a passing subway train. Even better, the site offers all of its downloads completely free of charge or obligation.

This particular show, recorded on August 26, features three tracks from the new album, including the single "Bridge."

For the audiophiles:

Our four microphone mix -- DPAs for warmth and Schoeps for bottom end --

was supplemented by an excellent board feed from The Heavy Pets sound

engineer, the legendary Charlie Miller. The mix is approximately

one-third from each source and the sound quality is superb.

Download: The Heavy Pets: August 26, 2011 Bowery Ballroom - Flac and MP3

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