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Drop Dead Beats Studio Session with Drop and Phenom

via Drop Dead Beats
Adrian "Drop" Santalla, and Phenom are the production team behind Drop Dead Beats and the force behind "Triumph," the opening track on Pitbull's new album Rebelution.

ESPN recently licensed the song for one month of universal usage. Drop says "I got people calling me up telling me, oh I just heard the song here, heard it there, it's crazy." Phenom adds "They're playing it on classic games too."

But Santalla is no newcomer to the game. He's a 10 year veteran sound engineer with credits on hits like Fat Joe's "Lean Back," and "Make It Rain." We named him Best Sound Engineer in Miami in 2007. He has also worked with Diddy and

Eminem, but he's most proud of his work with Emilio and Gloria Estefan on her album around 2007.

"For me, working with her on her album, it's something that like even my parents can be proud of. They know what I do, but for them to see me working with the Estefan's that's something that they can really understand that what I'm doing with this music thing is real. That hits home more than anything."

As far as starting the team with Phenom he says, "I needed a production partner and Phee came through and we been rockin' for like a year now. He's a talented motherfucker."

Check out these shots of Drop Dead Beats in the studio and on the streets of downtown.

Adrian "Drop" Santalla
Bahamas own Phenom
Playing the Pitbull song "Triumph."
Pitbull's "Rebelution" album.
Drop and Phenom
Joey Crack Cocababy's tag on the back of his writing pad.
Fat Joe writing rhymes

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