Dub City Derby Girls Get Nasty at Respectable Street!

If the

Miami Poetry Collective

can get all of its culture behind an all-girls jai-alai operation, why can't Palm Beach get behind the veritable behinds of a derby girl hijinx? Or I guess it can. There's nothing better now-a-days than a bunch of broads beating up on each other atop quads and wood. Wait... No; I'm still right!

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And not only do they need your support, they play into your male-centric sensibilities! The Modernesque Burlesque will be in tow doing their sultry burly thing! There will be cream corn wrestling which almost defies non-foodie explanation but know that it is thick and lumpy and sexy and ... oh, well, corny!

And onstage will be the angry stylings of that aspic-degenerate setting of tampon-dipped punk rockliness Angry Pudding! And they who present themselves in lieu of everyone else, Everymen! And the rioting squad yer mama warned against, the Bonnie Riot! Cool? Yes! Clever? Maybe! A good time? You fucking bet!

Poets need not apply! Just drunks with deep wallets who love their roller-derbying-mammas!!!

The Dub City Derby Girls Present Everymen, Angry Pudding and Bonnie Riot on Saturday, August 28th at 9 p.m. at Respectable Street Café, 518 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach. Call (561) 832-9999 or visit www.respectablestreet.com.

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