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Dubstep DJ 12th Planet Is Setting Sail on Holy Ship!!, and He's Ready for Anything

A few weeks ago, DJ and producer John Dadzie, AKA 12th Planet, did something very clever. He let loose his LP The End, offering it to the world on 12/12/12. So many 12s!

The Smog Records-released album featured new tracks and ones already out on his The End Is Near EP, including some impressive collaborations with Kill the Noise, Antiserum, and Flinch.

Last year wasn't our final one on this planet, but it was a helluva trek for 12th Planet, who toured Asia and admitted to us that "Life is awesome."

He's been called a mentor by Skrillex, but the L.A. native seems to take it all in stride. We chatted with him about Holy Ship!! and Jim Morrison.

New Times: So Skrillex calls you his mentor, but you can't be that much older than him... Are you just that much better?

12th Planet: [laughs] Nah! I just taught him how to use CDj's and gave him some crazy playlists in his early days. I also brought him out to sing on a couple of my shows, like Electric Daisy Carnival and Avalon, before he had an agent or a record label behind him. He's a really good friend, and even more, he is an amazing person who inspires me to be the best I can be at all times.

So I think of dubstep as being sort of this masculine electronic genre. Do you think there's room for ladies in dubstep?

Erm. Yes, there are so many songs for the ladies. I mean, bros definitely buy more tickets to shows. But there are so many producers and artists out there making sexy stuff, including myself [laughs]. This song called "Youth Blood" that I did two years ago was definitely intended for the ladies.

What music do you listen to now, only what you produce or make?

I try and keep an open mind when it comes to music. Sometimes I'll hear stuff and I will search for the artist who made it, but then I find myself stalking that artist like on Wiki and trying to find out every album that person has done and collaborations and so on and so forth. So I guess I just listen to the music me and my friends make the most, because then I would just get sucked into some never-ending vortex of learning about shit I really don't need to learn about.

Will this be your first Holy Ship!!?

Yes. First voyage for me. First cruise.

And are you worried about performing at sea?

Oh, I am built for it [laughs]. I can DJ pretty much dead.

That's a great skill for a DJ to have!

[laughs] If only Jim Morrison had it!

What would you say was your worst gig or your best gig ever?

That's a good question. Best gig ever was probably Ultra with Skrillex this year. That was huge. Worst gig was probably my 21st birthday, when someone gave me a shot of tequila and I thought it was a different shot. I puked all over myself midmix. Tequila shots'll get ya!

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