D.V.N.O, The Drip, Raggy Monster, Bonnie Riot - Propaganda, Lake Worth - December 7

Four West Palm and Lake Worth bands with very different sounds came together to show off their sonic prowess to a room of eager spectators at a badass show at Lake Worth's Propaganda this weekend. 

First up was West Palm's D.V.N.O., a band whose indie dance vibe gets the crowd warmed up and off the walls. Playing lots of new material off their debut full length album, Dance With Me!, we asked the fellas for the inside scoop on recording new material. Drummer Jacob Baez revealed that they plan on "shaping our new songs exactly how we envisioned" before recording a new EP in January and taking their talents a little further down south. Look out for more D.V.N.O shows in Miami and Fort Lauderdale as they expand their reign.

Relative newcomer, the Drip, sometimes referred to as Raggy Monster's sister band since they share bassist Kyle Seiler, played a string of shows earlier this year before taking a 5 month hiatus to write and perfect some new material. Only their second show back on the scene, their crisp sound proved that the break was time well spent. Their opening track, an original called "State of The Art" caught everyone's attention as the crowd rushed to the front. 

The Drip sound like the Foo Fighters caught in a '90s grunge era time warp with a dash of metal mixed in, making their cover of Bush's "Everything Zen" super appropriate. Guitarist and vocal frontman Oscar Ramirez told us to look out for many more live shows from the Drip; they are back and ready to stay this time.
Raggy Monster was next up, and took it upon themselves to shred the stage to pieces. The classically influenced rock quintet performed their single, "Cannibal" (video coming soon!), and brought it over the top as vocalist Rachel Duvall's signature wail hypnotized the crowd and gained instant new fans. Keyboard/guitar/vocal lead Billy Schmidt introduced the crowd to the very talented Morgan Manning, the band's ravenous new drummer, playing his first gig with the band after only two practices. The tight percussion and stunning vocals mixed with the polished songs made for a stellar performance, the kind we have come to expect from Raggy Monster.

Last to the stage was Bonnie Riot, and they wasted no time proving why they were chosen to headline the night. The highly energetic, fun yet powerful set gave the crowd no option but to join in with their bodies. Everyone from hardcore fans to the guys of Everymen bounced around to the female-fronted musical circus. Original Bonnie Riot members Luis Sanabria and Milly La Madrid strutted their stuff with Sanabria switching instruments throughout the set, even rocking a marching band style snare drum, and La Madrid singing the way she knows how, passionately and for the people. Keep an eye out for their new EP being recorded in February.

Propaganda had proven, once again, that they know how to put on a great local show. Want to get a real face full? Look out for their all day New Year's Eve J Street Block Party, December 31, starting at freaking 11:00 a.m. The all day fest will feature Lavola, Bonnie Riot, Everymen, Soulnar, and countless other impressive local acts.

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Dana Krangel