Eagles Tribute Band the Long Run: "You Don't Have to Mortgage Your House to Enjoy the Music"

Billing itself as America's number-one Eagles tribute band, the Long Run is a group of South Florida musicians whose obvious love of all things Eagles is dedicated to the sole purpose of replicating the sound of music's most successful chart-topping rock outfit of all time. Having made that their mission, they insist that they will, in fact, "please the toughest of Eagles fans" and that "You won't hear an Eagles tribute band this great 'til 'Hell Freezes Over.'"


Clearly the members of the band are experienced in this area, having tallied time with a number of original classic combos, among them the Platters, the Flamingos, and the Shirelles, as well more current (relatively speaking) artists like Trisha Yearwood, Gary U.S. Bonds, Roger McGuinn of the Byrds, and Julio Iglesias Jr.

With that pedigree in mind, New Times reached out to Reggie Fecteaua, the leader of this particular flock of Eagles, to get his thoughts on what makes these tributes compare to the real deal.

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Lee Zimmerman