Early Warning: Aholsniffsglue Art Show Shakedown Street Birthday Fest With Tony Touch

​Aholsniffsglue is all over the fuckin place; street signs, corner walls, toilet seats, gas pumps. We heard he owns his own trucking company, Ahol Dumps. People say he's the one been killing all those horses in the Redlands. Some lady in line at the store told us that Aholsniffsglue is actually a 13 year old Japanese girl who is very good at computers.

The truth is Aholsniffsglue is an artist and a party maker. See the expert do both at his upcoming Butter Gallery art show, "7.625 Fl Oz.," with tremendo afterparty at Shake at the Vagabond with DJ Tony Touch on Thursday, March 11.

Ahol says, "Butter Gallery, they're like repping my shit now. March 11 it's all new stuff. Hopefully people will like it. It's more refined work on fancy papers with fancy inks, and fine art framing, what people have kept telling me to do forever."

"Instead of drawing

at work with blue ball point pens, it's like archival papers and special inks, with

extra steps and more time and money in it. I'm filling the whole entire

gallery dude. Two huge rooms, drawings, paintings, my sticker replicated

as 4-by-4 foot, and 2-by-2 foot stencils. It's been a mission. I was working toward a deadline. All of the work in

this show was done strictly for this show."

New Times: Whats up with the after party?

Aholsniffsglue: We're briging back Tony Touch, one of my favorite DJ's, for my 30th birthday. If you

buy a shirt at the art show, you get into Shake at The Vagabond for free. Oh, and Colt 45

is sponsoring again. There will be free beer at the art show.

NT: How's Shake doing, how long has it been around now?

A: Shake is like a year, almost a year and a half. It's fuckin' awesome dude. I work

with some of my best friends and throw a party that I would go to even

if I had nothin' to do with it. Making money. I don't know dog, it's pretty cool.

NT: What do you have planned for it over the next year?

A: We been booking bigger names, coming up with dope shits. The dubstep party

has totally blown up. We flown people in from all over the world. We're known around the country; just keepin'

it real, real fun, and hopefully getting more Nintendo games.

7.625 Fl. Oz. Aholsniffsglue Art Show
Butter Gallery
2303 NW 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33127

Shake at The Vagabond
30 NE 14th Street
Miami, Fl 33132

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Jacob Katel