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Eight Fashion Tips for the 8th Ever '80s Prom at Respectable Street

Bring out your pink ruffles, giant dangling earrings, and white tux. We're gonna get Footloose and party like it's 1982 at Respectable Street's Eighth Ever '80s Prom!

And since you were a lanky, flat-chested teenager with braces all over your mouth and only scored a free, crappy meal with bland chicken and stale bread that night, chances are your real prom was grody to the max.

While you can't turn back the clock and show your entire class how hot you are now (and probably wouldn't want to, anyway), you can pretend it's senior year all over again this Sunday when the WPB rock institution transforms into your high school auditorium.

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There will be spiked punch, awkward prom pictures taken underneath a balloon-covered archway, and prizes for the best dressed Prom King and Queen.

So if you wanna be crowned prom royalty, follow these eight tubular fashion tips. They're like, totally radical.

'80s Prom Queens Rock Side Ponytails

Like duh, everyone knows only the baddest biatches wear their hair in a side ponytail. Madonna rocked it, and so did Debbie Gibson, and, as we all know, these two ladies were like the fashion icons of the decade. So if you wanna be queen, flip your head upside down, set your hair to the side, grab the brightest scrunchie you own, and twist it 'round your mane. Just don't forget to tease it ... Big hair is the thing.

Pink and Ruffles All the Way

Remember Andie in Pretty In Pink? That satin, polka dot, laced halter dress with endless ruffles is the way to go. Not just because its style screams 1986, but because at the end of the night, it's what got her to win over Blane. So when all else fails, think, "What would Andie do?"

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