Eight South Florida Mosh Pit Memories from a Former Slam Dancing Enthusiast

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Hell Hath No Fury Like Dorks Moshing to Emo

In 2002, when MTV News debuted their Social History of the Mosh Pit documentary, Green Day's Tré Cool described the average rock audience's lust for slam dancing whenever possible. He highlighted the band's sentimental hit-single, "When I Come Around," from 1994's Dookie, as a prime example of a mid-tempo ballad that dorks and doofuses alike fervently find a way to slam to and/or along with. I experienced a similar frustration when during the summer of that same year, I caught Jimmy Eat World, and had to endure endless shoving and constant near-trampling. Bitches definitely killed my Will to Vibe during the extended emo-gaze outro on "Goodbye Sky Harbor."

South Florida Hardcore vs. Boston's American Nightmare

2002 was a big year for formative pit experiences. At a Fort Lauderdale gig featuring South Florida mosh-emo legends, Poison The Well, and old school/new school hybrid act, American Nightmare, I noted more than one sweat soaked parpiticpant sporting mouthguards. And some kind of regional Florida versus New England beef resulted in the bloodthirsty crowd heckling the touring artists off the stage. Quote of the night was an XAnonymous BroX tastelessly heckling AN vocalist and future Cold Cave maestro, Wes Eisold, with the charge of being "a one-armed faggot."

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Matt Preira