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El-P Beats Boost E. Grizzly's New Mixtape

We all know E. Grizzly's work locally with AlukarD and from numerous ciphers and hip-hop jams around town. What we have here is a fully realized, 13-track album of pure alternative hip-hop goodness titled Helldoesnotexistasweknowit bizzaro mix vol. 0. But let's talk about the bases first; let's talk about New Milly.

New Milly is Grizzly's nickname for his tri-city life in New York, Miami, and Philly. The art and music promotion company Philly Kid Group has given Grizzly free range over numerous tracks by famous NYC underground producer and rapper El-P (Company Flow, Def Jux), and what we have here is as evenly matched an oeuvre as you'll get.

El-P's innately paranoiac and sci-fi futuristic work is the perfect vehicle for Grizzly's rapping, which weaves symbiotically through the arrangements with equal parts gruff, intensity, desperation, and maybe even a little inebriation. This reminds me of the first time I heard Dr. Octagon and of feverish dreams of men in black and peyote.

It would be hard for me to pick and choose and basically present this album in bits and pieces because I'm finding that it works well in continuity; even though the tracks stand on their own, the real pleasure in listening is from beginning to end. When's the last time you could say that about a whole album? That's how you know this shit is real. Grizzly doesn't pull punches, and his lyrical work is intelligent and thought-provoking, which is something I'm enjoying in the local hip-hop scene.

So if I had to mention some easy standouts, let's go with "Meanstreak" and "East River Float." But hey, why don't you click on his Bandcamp page and check out the album's stream and download it for yourself? Get neck-deep in the sounds of New Milly. On a related note, this coming December 11, Grizzly will release hard copies of the album at the Nuyorican Poets Café in New York City.

MP3: E. Grizzly - "Deep Space 9MM"

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