Elastic Bond Plays Rare Broward Show

Ten years ago, singer Sofy Encanto was a songwriter looking for a band, while Andres Ponce was making beats and looking for a singer.

"We met through a mutual friend, and it just clicked," Encanto remembers. "Andres was very heavy into the Beatles. I was into '90s hip-hop like A Tribe Called Quest and the Pharcyde and jazz singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday."

"It's a beautiful, two-way thing where you're giving and getting at the same time."

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The pair took its influences, added guitarist Buffalo Brown and horn player David Burgos, and blended to create Elastic Bond. The Miami quartet describes its musical genre as Latin alternative, but on its two previous albums, 2008's Excursion and 2013's Real, you can also hear the musicians' love of rock, jazz, and trip-hop.

2016 marks the tenth anniversary of Elastic Bond first hitting the stage. It's in the midst of planning a proper party to celebrate the occasion in September, with an exact date and venue still to be finalized. But you can start the partying early with a rare Broward Elastic Bond appearance this Thursday at Rhythm & Vine in Fort Lauderdale.

"We're excited to hang with our Fort Lauderdale cats. It seems like we either play shows in Miami or outside the state," Encanto says.

She describes the live show as "relaxed, and then all of a sudden, the music makes you want to dance. We get you chilled and then warm you up to the dance floor. We haven't figured out our setlist yet, but we're going to play a couple new songs."

Those songs have been gestating within the band for a while as it has recorded its third album. "We've been working on it for many years. We're still mixing it, but maybe it will be out for Christmas. We cook very slowly. It has always been that way for us."

Though the band hasn't finalized a title for the album, Encanto said the group was leaning strongly toward naming it after one of its songs, "Honeybun."

"We've really been wrestling with the name, but we've enjoyed looking at all the meanings for 'honeybun' on Urban Dictionary, from the sweet, PG definitions to the rated-R ones." (Go ahead and look it up yourself, but don't say we didn't warn you.)

Though Encanto says Elastic Bond enjoys its time in the recording studio and doing internet research for album titles, nothing beats performing on the stage. "Live, you get to share at the moment with the people your music. It's a beautiful, two-way thing where you're giving and getting at the same time." 

Elastic Bond

10 p.m. Thursday, June 23, at Rhythm & Vine, 401 NE Fifth Terrace, Fort Lauderdale. No cover. Visit Facebook for more info.

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