Electric Six to Play Culture Room on October 5

Possibly no other band can combine punk with disco, new wave, garage, metal, and classic-rock undertones quite like the Electric Six. The Detroit six-piece gained notoriety in 2003 when rumors spread that its hit single "Danger! High Voltage" had backup vocals sung by a then-unknown Jack White. They weren't true, of course, though that mechanic who won a singing competition could possibly be White's vocal doppelgänger.

Six full-lengths, one rarities album, and numerous member changes later, they're now on tour for their seventh studio album, Zodiac, slated for a September release. They're stopping in at the Culture Room on October 5, and we're quite curious to see if their performance will feature any old ladies with electric bras, show off their penchant for short shorts, or include backup dancers akin to Abraham Lincoln strippers.

See what we mean by checking out some of their strangest/most popular music videos after the jump.

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