Electro Homecoming

Miami is known for its plethora of homegrown electronic acts, but right now, Cedric Gervais is the city's hottest transplant. The French native earned himself a residency at Club Space in 2004 and has since blown up — releasing his first original album, Experiment, last October and joining with house vets Deep Dish to tour the globe. We caught Gervais on the phone while he was in Paris to promote Yoshitoshi Miami, his latest mix CD, dropping May 22.

Outtakes: Are you enjoying life as a superstar DJ?

Gervais: Absolutely, man! I feel like my career is just starting right now. I'm getting introduced to a lot of new markets, especially working with Deep Dish and all these big names. Tonight, I'm going to be playing the Mix, which is the biggest club in Paris where I have a residency four times a year. Then it's Belgrade and Belgium, and next month I'm doing a South American tour...

That's a lot of traveling.

Yes, but I have an apartment in Marseille and one in Colombia, so I have places to relax. I'm going to go home to Marseille in two weeks and just chill out and see my family.

So do you still consider France your home?

Miami is my home. I've been there for 12 years. When people book me into clubs, they know that they're booking Cedric from Miami. I'm going to bring that sound everywhere I go.

How is work coming on your next original album?

I'm going to do the album this September in London and release it for the next WMC, but I still don't know what type of sound I'm going to use. But you know, when I'm in Colombia, I listen to the music there. Paris too. Each different place has a different sound, and I'm looking to that for inspiration.

Where's your favorite place to spin?

My favorite place to play is Space. It's the only club in Miami where it's just about the music. People come in and pay 20 bucks just to hear the DJ. I have my own crowd that comes in to see me, and I can try anything with them and they'll listen. I think it's the best club in America, really.

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John Linn