Elvis Costello and the Imposters at Hard Rock Live April 25

Last September, erudite Englishman, ex-punk, and eyewear enthusiast Elvis Costello was forced to postpone his globe-spanning "Spectacular Spinning Songbook" tour, including a South Florida show, "due to matters pertaining to the very serious illness of a close family member."

At the time, Costello's camp was secretive about the identity of Elvis' ill loved one. But it was soon revealed that the singer/songwriter's dad, Ross MacManus, was the "close family member" who'd been struggling with "very serious illness." He died on November 24, 2011. And now in honor of Elvis' late pops, the "Spectacular Spinning Songbook" tour continues, finally landing at Hard Rock Live this Wednesday.

Starring Costello, backing band the Imposters, and the Songbook Wheel, this traveling road show is a musical extravaganza that sorta seems like a vaudevillian version of The Price Is Right. The hypemen are describing the tour as a "unique and colorful carnival-style stage show [that] invites select fans to join Costello on-stage to spin the Songbook Wheel featuring a collection of 40 banners including hits, rarities and a few surprises. This interactive and entertaining experience ensures a new set at each performance."

For his part, though, Elvis would probably just say it's a whirlingly awesome time, dedicated to his dad. Oh, and it sometimes results in spontaneous marriage proposals. Literally.

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S. Pajot
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