Elvis Costello Coming to South Florida at Hard Rock Live

Look, people. The burden of creativity has to be occasionally usurped by the sheer joy of reporting something truly breathtaking and wonderful. Elvis (the living one) is coming to South Florida in our lifetime. So take your vitamins and observe that Declan Patrick MacManus will be in the local area in September.

Given that Elvis Costello is probably one of the best performers and songwriters of all time, let us spare any sort of pretense. If you have seen this man perform, you know what you'll be missing. Any person in the audience who claims that he has softened in his later years, he will challenge said person to a fistfight, and you know who will fucking win.

Regardless of this effusive level of adoration, joining County Grind at Hard Rock Live come September will be a peak musical event. Here's why:

*Elvis Costello could literally play the worst 20 songs in his entire catalog and it would still be better than the best 20 songs in Creed's catalog. Apologies to both artists for that sort of comparison.

*He wrote this song, and this is one that languished until he created his hits collections. I mean...

*Gifted musician Diana Krall is his wife.

*If you don't own this album, get up on it. Not an imperfect moment anywhere. He's the author of "Alison," "Watching the Detectives," "Less Than Zero," and 19 other impeccable jams that you did not write for your debut album.

*Your curiosity has to be somewhat piqued at this point, right?

Elvis Costello & the Imposters. Sunday, September 18, at Hard Rock Live, 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood. Click here.

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Reed Fischer
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