Elwood's Dixie Bar-B-Q Owner Michael Gochenour Has Died

Michael Elwood Gochenour, known for opening Elwood's Dixie Bar-B-Q in Delray Beach in the early '90s, has died just shy of his 60th birthday. Many friends and supporters have posted tributes to his memory at the live haunt's Facebook page.

Update 3:45 p.m.: Gochenour's body was found at his home by Delray Beach police on Monday afternoon. Although he had health problems in the past, his cause of death remains unknown.

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Between 1993 and 2009, his venue and eatery's original location was located inside a vacant gas station on Atlantic Avenue near the railroad tracks dividing Delray's downtown. The spot regularly hosted raw, rockabilly acts like the Dillengers and Slip & the Spinouts and "raised a little more hell than Delray was used to," according to's Steve Rullman, who booked a series of shows there in the late '90s.

"He was really kind, and kind of like a perfectionist," says Greg Lovell, frontman for Lake Worth roots rock act Black Finger, an act that performed at the original Elwood's for a couple of years. "Everything was carefully arranged to be perfectly not perfect. He wanted original music at Elwood's. He stuck to his guns and hired bands and never caved in."

Back in March, Black Finger celebrated the release of its latest album, Tokyo, at Elwood's new location a few blocks away, on NE Third Avenue, which opened earlier this year. "He was looking really good when he opened this place," Lovell adds.

Slip & the Spinouts frontman Slip Mahoney was maintaining the Elwood's website and Facebook page in exchange for two free rib dinners a month. He touted the restaurant's barbecue sauce, which Gochenour developed himself. Before his band began playing there regularly, Mahoney was a regular who loved hanging out and stealing licks from the Dillengers' Rick Rossano. "It was a fun, fun place," Mahoney says of the old biker hangout, which frequently had motorcycles lining the alley. "I used to jump on the table, and Elwood didn't care."

Mahoney fondly recalls how the original Elwood's location began the revitalization of downtown Delray Beach. "He's a character if you don't know him," he says. "He wasn't as crazy as people thought but had some crazy moments." One memorable incident involved Elwood removing a disorderly drunk from the premises and placing him directly into the back of a pickup truck that was driving by.

"He had his dreams; he was excited about the new stage and excited to

see where it was going," Rullman says of Gochenour. "His wish list of

performers would've been Dave Mason, Leon Russell, Stephen Stills,

people like that."

His brother David Gochenour posted on Facebook: "For

all of who loved Michael we just wanted you to know, that yes, Michael

has left us. We'll all miss his fun and his antics. With his loss our

hearts are broken. We'll let you know about a memorial service as soon

as a decision has been made."

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