Emilie Autumn on Fight Like a Girl: "It's About Taking Back Your Power"

Emilie Autumn's got a seriously bold message: "Fight like a girl." Certainly, like most strong statements, it can be taken the wrong way, but Emilie Autumn is touring the world to prove it's packed with positivity.

Growing up as a classically trained violinist, she always knew that performing and creating music went hand in hand. She soon realized she didn't fit the "classical musician" mold, and went on to pursue a musical career on her own terms. Years later, and with five albums behind her, Autumn's next goal is to bring her story to the theater stage in London and then around the world.

In a recent interview with the New Times, Emilie Autumn discussed empowerment, her new tour, and what it means to Fight Like a Girl.

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Betsey Denberg