Emily Reo's Witch Mtn Cassette Featuring Philip Seymour Hoffman Released Today

Multifaceted, lo-fi keyboard darling Emily Reo, who hails from Orlando but isn't afraid to venture to South Florida from time to time, has released a new cassette, Witch Mtn. The news comes courtesy of Impose Magazine, which is always welcome to crash in our spare bedroom based upon its regular coverage of Florida music. Out via Breakfast of Champs, the tape features five songs, including "Witch Mtn Pt. 2" featuring Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman -- we can't wait for the music video! View the cover art and download some tunes after the jump.

MP3s of the Hoffman collaboration (which shouldn't be surprising given his ability to hold a guitar in films like Punch-Drunk Love) and "Blue Canoe" are available for preview and download here.

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