Enrique Iglesias NOT Opening for Britney Spears' 2011 Tour

Well that was quick. TMZ.com dropped a bombshell this morning that Enrique Iglesias' monster-sized ego is too enormous to handle second-billing to even Britney Spears. And, the joint tour announced yesterday -- including July 22 in Miami -- will not feature Iglesias anymore.

To many Americans, this is probably a little strange to hear, but dude has sold approximately 55 million albums worldwide and counting -- so give him a break for being wildly full of himself.

Apparently the terms of the contract for the tour had language that involved Iglesias appearing as a co-headliner with the fascinating juggernaut that is Britney "100 million albums sold worldwide" Spears. As the press machine was starting to take over, however, it was clear that he would take the stage before her -- and that is apparently a big no-no for the Latin heartthrob.

Now this is not just a contest over record sales, obviously, but with the Femme Fatale action seemingly in order, there is arguably nothing hotter than Spears in U.S. territories right now. Who will she get as a replacement? Chris Brown would probably not be the right choice. But if Pink isn't too high and mighty, they would make a divalicious twosome.

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