EONS Premiere New Single "Stay" at Respectable Street Tonight

What does a song six months in the making sound like? Tonight at Respectable Street you can find out as Miami's electro-pop duo EONS will premiere their new single "Stay."

The tune will be available on Soundcloud on February 14, which is fitting as its danceable beats are suitable to be shared with your Valentine. But those without a date need not feel left out as the song's aching lyrics will help you not feel so alone. New Times caught up with guitarist/singer/keyboardist Johnny Deezal and live drummer Matty G as they worked in their studio and explained the inner workings of EONS.

Deezal started EONS when he was living in New York three years ago. "I was making up music on my own on my laptop in my home studio environment," remembers Deezal. "But I wanted to perform the music with live players. Matt at the time was in another band called Life of Seals. He was a drummer, and I asked him to learn the songs and then we started working on our own songs together."

Matty G added how they created music under a shared ethos. "We try to be forward thinking. Technology gives us the ability to create a whole orchestra and we want to take advantage of it. We want to make music that couldn't have been made ten years ago."

Their shared musical influences which they bonded over included M83, Empire of the Sun, Chromeo, and Michael Jackson. The duo are quick to point out they have differences in taste as well, highlighted by Matty G having once played in a death metal band. But their single "Stay" shows, they can put aside those differences and create songs that are futuristic and at the same hearken back to the synth pop '80s sound. "Stay" could easily soundtrack a scene from Miami Vice and no one would guess the episode had been tampered with.

The song is the second to come out of a partnership in which they create all the music and lyrics together. Deezal explained the song's origins. "I've got some longing in my life. Lyrics come out of that. We talk about it, and Matt throws in his feelings."

"We definitely put a ton of effort into this track. This song's been on our minds since August, and we worked on it until last week making sure the mix was right. Literally two days before we got it mastered, we had the song cut down by a minute and a half," said Matty. "It wasn't a radio edit, but it does hold your attention more. We're really happy with the way it came out. It pulls on your heartstrings the whole time."

"It's probably good we had good friends to tell us how it is. They know we take our art seriously and they listen with the best things in mind." adds Deezal. "They know we don't want to put out anything crappy."

And now with the long odyssey complete they are as mentioned back in the studio working on more songs in various states of completion that they promise are both "slick and lush and R&B in a dance sort of way."

Flaunt presents EONS, 10 p.m., February 13, at Respectable Street, 518 Clematis Steet, West Palm Beach. No cover. Visit Facebook.

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