Eric Biddines - Speakeasy Lounge, Lake Worth, December 15

Eric Biddines

Featuring Millionaire Hustle Group, Amali, Case Windu, Whitney White, Muzik Jones Drew, Blaine & Neopopsicle

Speakeasy Lounge, Lake Worth

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Better Than: Hanging out at the local coffee shop.

After a solid performance by rap trio Millionaire Hustle Group, singer and spoken-word poet Amali opened her set with "Sentimental Mood." As the singer started, those paying attention made their way closer to the stage to get a careful listen as others showed their lack of interest by battling Amali's voice with their own side conversations.

Indifferent to the crowd noise, Amali gave a quick shout

out to the women in attendance, even though she couldn't see any of them

because of the lighting, and began to recite "Beautiful."

After smirking at the sight of a lighter being put up, those

paying attention to her words cheered as she said, "To my single mothers on a

budget who can take a pack of hot dogs, Ramen noodles, and fried bologna and

make a feast to feed the whole family, I see you."

"This is the way I feel about it, whoever wants to listen to it is up here listening to it. If they doing something in the back, then that's too bad for them," said Amali before closing out with "How To Love."

Standing out in the crowd wearing a pink button-up shirt, black

tie, khaki pants, and blonde hair parted to the side, Case Windu hit the stage

and performed "Café Black Rose."

While introducing himself to the audience,

the rapper noted that Windu comes from Star Wars and jokingly said there were

perhaps not that many who may understand.

"There's probably five people in the audience who know what

I'm talking about," said Windu.

Running though the unreleased track "Hip To Hip" and then "Back At It,"

Windu took time out recognize Muzik Jones Drew's sense of fashion before wrapping up with "Walter White."

"Holy shit, that dude looks fresh as fuck," said Windu.

Gold teeth shining in the spotlight,

Eric Biddines finally hit the stage and performed 2009's "Walkin." And in a

complete 180 from the song's message, Biddines starts to speak about first

realizing at a young age how he was "ahead of the game" when he figured out a

new way to masturbate by giving himself a "stranger."

(This is where you Google "giving myself a stranger.")

After providing the audience with the comical anecdote,

Biddines began to give those in attendance a sneak peak into his upcoming PlanetCoffeeBean project by debuting

several songs.

The first was an ode to the way Southerners show their love

to their car with "2's & 4's" followed by Biddines's James Brown-styled

dance routine during "RailRoads Down."

To make sure everyone could hear, Biddines asked DJ Boo

Gotti to turn up the volume, then proceeded to let everyone know the DJ's name

stems from scaring girls away with the way he looked.

The rapper ended his set by performing "Coffee Cup" and

"Southern FLA" off last year's Southern FLA mixtape.

Critic's Notes

The Awkward Moment: When the DJ plays "Bitch, Don't Kill My

Vibe," and then has technical difficulties, killing everybody's vibe.

The Crowd: Make sure the crowd knows who you are or they'll

battle you for noisiest in the room.

I Spy: A guy wearing a necklace across his face and a t-shirt as a bib.

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