Eros Ramazzotti, Dropping Panties at James L. Knight, This Friday

​Ever notice how Italians think they're so cool, what with their incredibly delicious food, super sleek sports cars, their country shaped like a boot and their immigrants dealing in "waste management?" Not to mention the way they're always so suave with the ladies. Case in point, Eros Ramazzotti.

Aside from being one of the biggest stars in his native country and around Europe, the 46-year-old silver fox is also huge in the world of Latin music as well. He croons those heartfelt love songs he pens not only in Italian but in Spanish as well, making him doubly dangerous.

Want to see a woman melt quickly? Get tix to his upcoming gig at the James L. Knight Center this Friday, front and center, so the lucky lady can be one of those whose eyes he looks longingly into while singing about love. At times it'll be in at least one language she doesn't understand--though that won't matter--a la "Una Storia Importante" and "Un'Emozione Per Sempre." Naturally, he tends to break out a lot of the Spanish language material for our shores, though.

You know, on second thought, maybe you'd do better to put a little distance between you and the front of the stage. That nasaly-voiced bastard is just a little too smooth, and a little too good-looking for my taste.

Erol Ramazzotti on Friday, May 14 at 8 p.m. Ticket prices $77-$127. At the James L. Knight Center, 400 SE 2nd Ave., Miami.

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Christopher Lopez