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Everybody Got Lucky at Fort Lauderdale's St. Patrick's Day Parade and Festival (Photos)

Attention: This blog is rated PG, SFW, etc. (sorry, horny folks)

A nice way to view St. Patrick's Day is to consider it a celebration of luck. Even those who treat it as a celebration of booze are still celebrating the former on some level. Because, if you're in a position to pound a green beer, you are living the good life.

This past weekend's St. Patrick's Day Festival in Fort Lauderdale was a wonderful luckstravaganza. A mass of people cheering their own good fortune -- some more loudly than others. There were even lucky animals, horses with four leaf clovers stenciled onto their haunches and sparkling, green hooves. We offer you some of the tastiest luck-nuggets of the sunny day.

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Travis Newbill