Exclusive: Blond Fuzz to Release New Album, Perfect Breakfast, in October
Photo by Ian Witlen

Exclusive: Blond Fuzz to Release New Album, Perfect Breakfast, in October

The bad boys of Boca Raton, Blond Fuzz, recently passed along the tidbit that its first album since switching the moniker from Stonefox will be out in October. According to frontman Jordan Asher Cruz, the original plan was to record an EP, but the plans got scrapped when there were enough songs for a full-length album. "We're going to release a ten-song album by ourselves," he says. "It's not gonna be on iTunes, and the only place you'll be able to get it is through us."

Songs from the album, titled Perfect Breakfast, have already made

their way into live sets, and you can bet that plenty will be on

display for the October 23 release party at Respectable Street. As the

release gets closer, we will have more details about an exclusive

download of the album and a full review. "And we don't want to be

called 'blues-rock' anymore," Cruz adds. "Because this shit is anything

but that."

Upcoming Blond Fuzz gigs include tonight at Poor House in Fort Lauderdale and Saturday at Kill Your Idols in Miami.

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