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EXXXotica 2013: A Playlist Inspired by Ryan Driller's Favorite Musicians

We recently had a chance to speak with our new pal Ryan Driller and get his take on a couple of non-musical subjects, but in the course of the interview, when we asked him who his favorite musicians were, his musical choices ranged from King Harvest to Tchaikovsky, with Pitbull and Ludacris in the midst.

He even confessed to a guilty pleasure that he'll stand by even in public a forum such as this. We think he's just a fun and funny guy, but feel free to imagine him hard at work, while you dig these tunes. And by work, we mean, of course, working in the garden or drilling under your sink.

The "Driller" in Driller is a multifaceted machine!

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Imagine Dragons - "On Top of the World"

Maybe not the world, but certainly on top of someone, or under, or beside them... Oh, porn! With your limitless possibilities!

Blue Swede - "Hooked on a Feeling"

We'd love to see a parody of this footage with an "adult" theme. Look at those outfits!

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