Fantasy Local Covers List for 2011, Part Four

It has a been a fun ride sharing with you my inner-most fantasies of local musicians covering some sick-ass songs. I'm not just a cultural savant -- I'm a benevolent one. But just like the limited quantities of, say, Cavity 7-inch platters, this column has its limits as well. (At least that's what we'll tell the Jacuzzi Boys' handlers.) This is where the "fantasy" headed last time, and if you obsessive collector types are lucky, there will be a fifth edition. Enjoy! Comments and suggestions are encouraged!

So the Jacuzzi Boys' handler notices one failure to include them in these things and all of a sudden I am getting 3,000 e-mails a day, plus some not-so-very-nice Facebook messages directed to my immediate family... so you know what I say? I say you're Hugo Chavez's de facto red-headed step-children, cover this you ingrates! Maybe they can change.

The Verve - "Bitter Sweet Symphony"

My editor loves them Dewars kids like all get out, but I think that might be some Ivy League white-boy shit. I don't get it. I respect it, but I don't get it. At least those dudes have the decency of acknowledging the ever-better vinyl format and just to torture one dude who theoretically has my back, I'd love to hear them do a rocking rendition of this otherwise blah track.

Extreme - "More Than Words"

I like Jesse Jackson in all the incarnations that he has decided to appear in these last few years. Going back to 2007 he seemed to be gigging hard around town and that was good because his troubadour wiles were well met by my dark days of the era. It would make me ooh so chocolate if he could muster this delicious Italian ditty. It would make my mother's stock proud. One of my favorite all time tracks.

Nicola di Bari - "Paese"

When people abandon us, we react like caged animals that have nothing to live for. Rachel Goodrich is one of our success stories but this West Coast thing I hear she's opted for makes me grumpy like a honey badger. So I charge her with a cover of this IN ARABIC! Let's see your uke save you now baby!!! (J/K, nothing but Levantine love for you!)

Fairuz - "Tarik El Nahl"

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