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Fantasy Local Covers List for 2011, Part One

Kind readers, we know each other through these digital planes and you usually trust that I am not too thick in the drink, or deep in the debt, or fat in the grizzle to make these little blogs worth your while. So after thinking about it long and hard, here's my fantasy list of recommended cover songs for certain South Florida acts in 2011 (Part One, money's at stake here ya'll).

The Zachary Thaks are one of those yesteryear's region-rock outfits I always wanted a little bit closer to home. Since 2002 I've been spooning and mooning for the Getback to cover this track, but seeing as how some of those guys would rather spend their time and effort with the IRS and New York shitty, I'm charging Hugo Chavez's de facto sons, the Jacuzzi Boys. Cover it mama-huevos!!! Oh sorry, I forget, they be Sub Pop darlings now.

The Zachary Thaks - "I Need You"

And then I got to thinking, South Florida's got a proud sludge tradition borne out of the Black Sabbath school of down-tuning and who are the better art revolutionaries to tackle this weed gem? No. Try again, not Floor and most certainly not Cavity, though on the latter note, don't get me started... ooh baby, but who blends everyone in oh so chocolate? That's right, Beings. I'd like to see them do this, with chutzpah and gusto! And I hope they do a part III!!!

C.A. Quintet - "Trip Thru Hell (Part I)"

The next logical step would've been to gather all the quasi-prog bullshit-isms that certain dudes in the Waterford Landing could muster and as much as I'd love to see them cover twelve years of Yes' output, I may or may not owe Ed Matus a churrasco so I'll err on the side of our beloved Japanese brethren with this psych gem that I am somehow charging on a maxed-out card. Food Brain folks! Food! Brain! Waterford! Kendall! Land on it!!!

Food Brain - "Clock 1970"

But now I am thick in the drink, too thick to think of the fact that my Datsun got towed in the middle of the rain but thin enough to realize that the only taxable folks right now are those handy-dandy, choreographed thespians in the Axe and the Oak... and lordy do I want to tax these eternal tinkerers hard, they have the mettle and the metal and the wood and the jaws of life to make it happen and how can I make it hard for them? Easy. Easy and tropical. Here's your charge boys! Don't let me down! Take four years, I love you guys!

Dizzy Gillespie - "Night in Tunisia"

Well, all you kids think we have it made in the shade... not true; these are the hardest six dollars (Canadian) I've ever made. Click on things; tune in next week for Part Two, unless, of course, I am politically assassinated.

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