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Fantasy Local Covers List for 2011, Part Two

Well, it's official! The sheriffs approved Part One, and while they are surely shooting themselves in the foot, I might as well aim my carbine at my extremities. Let's see how long this hack can suckle from the sweet teat of Canadian dollar paychecks! I also encourage suggestions from you, kind readers, in the "comment" section below! My fantasy is a benign umbrella! But only I get the Canadian bucks, OK? OK! Part Two it is!!!

The Lil' Daggers are short and dangerous and tropical and on point and part of the roster of our good friends Livid Records. They also have the right rock 'n' roll idea with their delicious King Corpse seven-inche, and I am feeling a little on the feedback tip, and since I know these mothers can bring movable jewelry and Opa-Locka/Hialeah Pulguero congas to the mix, I charge them with this cover of Aqua Nebula Oscillator's "Lost in Space." Dale, dale con ganas.

Aqua Nebula Oscillator - "Lost in Space"

I may or may have not promised one of the Jacuzzi Boys' handlers that I would come up for covers in all the parts I'm allowed to have. So, true to my (drunken) oath, I charge Hugo Chavez's de facto sons with tackling this dear Venezuelan ditty by one of the llanos' greatest troubadours, Simón Diaz.

Simón Diaz - "Alma Llanera"

Two of the dudes I met when I moved to the U.S. are from Peru. That was 20 years ago this year, and they are still two of my dearest and closest friends. Brothers, if you will. These guys are made from the good stuff. So keeping it on the Latino tip, I turn my eyes onto that Rasputin-like leader of the Furious Dudes with this great proto-punk gem from Peru by one of the greatest acts to ever hone its angst, Los Saicos!

Los Saicos - "Demolicion"

This following charge is based on a text message exchange I had with the lovely Janette Valentine a few months back. She promised me that her fantastic sludge-metal outfit Shroud Eater would cover this for me. But I know about bureaucracy and the need to enforce certain oral contracts with a paper trail, so I'm justifiably using this digital plane to expedite the process. It's true, Shroud Eater promised me Justin Bieber's head on a plate, or at least a tongue-in-cheek cover of this tween's moneymaker.

Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris - "Baby"

Tune in next week to see if I can shake the Jacuzzi Boys' handler off. Or just to see if the train derails. Demolicion!

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