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FatKingBulla Brings the Bulla to the Van Dyke, This Saturday

​From the land of the pisco sour comes a new, and even more intoxicating Peruvian export--FatKingBulla. Okay, perhaps that's a bit of a bold statement. Pisco sours are some strong stuff. Just ask my ex-neighbor about that morning I woke up on his lawn cradling his garden gnome (nothing happened Gene...I swear). But the fact remains, FatKingBulla are responsible for some serious Latin-funk-rock grooves.

Comprised of "Bulla," Martino Succetti and "Mr. Vicius", the group has been hard at work promoting their new self-titled album between Lima, Colombia, New York and Miami. In fact, they'll be performing in the good ole' Magic City this Saturday, Upstairs at the Van Dyke. Check them out for yourself, and maybe order a pisco sour to get in the spirit. Just don't blame me if you end up molesting any lawn ornaments.

KatKingBulla performs at the Van Dyke (846 Lincoln Rd.) this Saturday, September 12. No cover.

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