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Fauna Halø Returns to Her Home State for the Inaugural For the Love Fest

Aubriana Fumagali, better-known to lovers of independent, heartfelt music as Fauna Halø, has had a busy life since leaving her native Boca Raton and relocating to Nashville to pursue her musical dreams. Slowly but surely, she built a fan base in both Florida and Tennessee. The momentum she's created has her at the crossroads of putting a recording together while keeping a viable performing schedule -- a balance working musicians need to field wisely.

Fauna Halø's had a couple of returns to South Florida since her departure, and she'll be in the lineup for the upcoming inaugural For the Love Fest hosted by Exposed PR and C&I Studios. We had a chance to catch up with the singer and discuss life in Nashville, touring, music, and her new Kickstarter campaign aimed at releasing an EP a reality.

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New Times: Let's start with the obvious: What are the significant differences and/or similarities between Boca Raton and Nashville?

Fauna Halø: Hmmm, differences between Nashville and Boca Raton are endless. If anything, I'd say there are only differences and no similarities. Nashville is very diverse, mostly younger people. Whereas, we all know, Boca is more of a retired community.

Significantly, Nashville is music-based, which is very important for my lifestyle. Constantly a local or national act is playing every night. That is what I love; there is always an opportunity in Nashville to be surrounded by live music.

What was the biggest post-move impact, and what were your immediate goals upon arriving in Nashville?

My immediate goals upon arriving were to release a full-length. However, I was in the studio recording a record for almost two years playing and writing on guitar. Which was insane; I have no idea why I ever did that. I played piano for 15 years already, and I loved it. So I threw that post-move goal away and started again, only playing piano onstage and perhaps guitar every now and then.

Most importantly, my immediate goals were to get out of Florida, explore musical realities, and make that my life.

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You've been there a while now; what are your long-term musical goals now?

I have been here a while and don't regret it for a single second. My long-term goals would be to release a full-length with close musician pals of whom I feel comfortable going out of the boundaries with.

Talk to us about the Kickstarter for the EP and your fears of cannibals and sharks.

Kickstarter! One of my favorite singer/songwriter/performance artists, Amanda Palmer, started one for a full-length, and she had received way more money than she had ever dreamed of. (Not alluding that that would happen to me, but have some hope.) In her book The Art of Asking, she explains how people, mostly artists, are "afraid" to ask for help. So that was a sort of nudge into saying, "Why not? Let's see what happens."

Cannibals and sharks are terrifying, but that's the only thing that would stop me from completing this EP, hopefully funded by friends and new friends to be made.

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