Fauna Halo Makes Rare Hometown Appearance at C&I Studios

Fauna Halo may not be a household name in our part of the universe, but do yourself a favor, commit it to memory.

Fauna Halo is the intriguing stage name of Aubriana (she was too coy to reveal her last name to us), a former Boca Raton resident, and former Island Water Sports Deerfield Beach employee with vocals so passionate, alluring, delicate, and empowering that she has superstar potential effusing from her every note.

A one-women-band, she takes to the stage with a keyboard, a xylophone, percussion instruments, a guitar, and some programming tools. Fauna Halo has the quirkiness of tUnE-yArDs' Merrill Garbus, but is much milder in her delivery. She has the charming appeal of Regina Spector and the lyrical immediacy of a St. Vincent.

You may ask, why haven't I ever heard of her, or seen her perform around town?

Simple. This young starlet has been working on an artist's development deal up in Nashville for the past two ears. She is one of those randomly struc -by-bolt-of lighting success stories "[The development agency ]discovered me on MySpace, I was still in high school, and they asked me to make the move to Nashville," said the affable former South Floridian.

We caught up with the gifted musician on the phone while she was supporting her friend at Bonnaroo festival in Manchester, TN. Fauna Halo wasn't on the bill though, but she hopes to grace the stage at the massive event in the near future.

She tells us that she has grown to love the Peach State, home to such legendary musical landmarks as the Grand Old Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame. Fauna Halo also says she's not only been working on her debut record, but also co-writing with other musicians and doing her best to make it into the into the ASCAP world.

As for the debut Fauna Halo record, it's been two years in the making. She describes it as a personal piece, "It's a super sentimental, very melodic, weird, experimental indie affair."

Halo likes to encourage all her fans to write down experiences and life events, and sing songs for the subjects that people are too afraid to say aloud.

And for the lyrics, they are pretty direct. Halo tries to keep them as simplistic as possible. "Instead of offering cryptic songs no one will understand, I want my audience to relate to my songs," she reveals.

Halo is making the schlep to Fort Lauderdale to perform at Live at C&I Studios,541 NW First Ave., Fort Lauderdale, 8 p.m., Saturday, June 22, with Jacob Jeffries Band and Hoyle from Orlando. Six dollars at the door. Visit c-istudios.com.

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