Fear Factory's Metal Massacre's at Culture Room

It has been 21 years since Fear Factory unleashed its racket, which has over time become a major influence on the landscape of American metal. It has also, in a bizarre manner, mirrored corporate America in the mentality that the band is first and foremost a business. While undergoing lineup changes in the form of infrastructural decisions/layoffs and pursuing different angles to songwriting as paradigm shifts, the band has yielded seven full-length albums. Through it all, founding member and machine-gun riffer Dino Cazares still fits within the entity. Evil corporation comparisons aside, Fear Factory still brings the metal to the masses.

Hot on the release of Mechanize, the band's live engagements run the gamut of death, groove, thrash, and alternative metal with a solid technical eye for industrial elements that have garnered legions of fans from different scenes. Anyone looking for a particular FF era will not be disappointed by the set list. Also in tow will be the deathcore of Winds of Plague (facemasks optional), ex-Broken Hope and SOiL member Shaun Glass' Dirge Within, and Maryland's progressive metalheads Periphery, who'll drop their debut album April 10. A solid and well-rounded metal feast.

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Abel Folgar