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Fed Shutdown of MegaUpload Claims at Least One Local Band Victim, Metal Act Underlined

For local industrial-meets-hardcore troupe Underlined, last Friday's Department of Justice shutdown of file-sharing website MegaUpload caused it more headaches than merely interrupting a torrent of Oscar-nominated flick Moneyball.

The hard-working West Palm Beach neo-metal outfit lost more than 50 unreleased demos, countless artwork files, "and years and years of press footage," according to Underlined vocalist and songwriter H7. Big Brother obviously did not take into account the legitimate uses of the site such as online storage before making the decision to bring down the major website last week.

"Heads are about to fucking roll," posted H7 on the band's Facebook page after hearing the news of the website's demise.

"The MegaUpload shutdown practically robbed us of five years' worth of

work," he later told County Grind.

It's not all bad news, however, as so far, the band has been able to recover a small portion of its data. Meanwhile, these Slipknot

understudies are still moving forward with releasing their debut album, Deadtime Stories, due out in a few months.

The self-described "horror metal" act is currently signed to Cleveland-based independent label Standby Records. H7 was kind enough to send us a sample of what his band has so diligently been working on in the studio. Below is the album's planned lead single, "The Suffering," which was supposed to be officially unveiled next month. Combining the industrial thump of White Zombie's finer moments with the sinister lurches of Cannibal Corpse, it serves as a sign of good things to come from the local masked metalheads. Preview it here:
  Underlined "THE SUFFERING (UNMASTERED PREVIEW)" by Cheerstothis

As for the future, we suggest the Underlined boys might take a look at investing a little in legit online storage services like Carbonate to avoid further migraines. Just a thought. Keep up the good work, guys!

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