Fevers Make a Feverish Return This Saturday at Green Room

Last week, while sitting at a local watering hole talking shop about the area's music scene (it's what we mostly do around here), the subject of blazing, distortion-fueled Fort Lauderdale rockers Fevers came up. "What the hell ever happened to those dudes?"

Back in May of last year, they enamored us with a noise-pop-meets-synth-pop catcall that had us comparing them to a Suicidal Tendencies meets Bauhaus off-breed.

They went on to play a couple of shilling shows and then out of nowhere pulled a Keyser Söze and just like that, puff... vanished on the world.

Well, it had been zero, zip, zilch news when all of the sudden word came this week that Fevers would be playing at the Green Room this Saturday, February 18, and they unveiled a new single called "Dynamite Pole" to boot.

It's almost as if we're psychic or something.

Out of curiosity, we sent Fevers lead vocalist Christian Humphries an email asking him what his troupe has been up to during these past few months of silence. "I've been in seclusion for a while, trying to write this album. It takes a lot longer when you write everything yourself." Evidently Humphries is taking on writing the Fevers' full length all by his lonesome.
He does admit to reaching out to some of his friends for help. "I've been doing some work with Julian from Lavola to help get some more ideas out." The union of Julian Cires' bombastic riffs with Humphries' erratic sonic swoops sounds like the making of ideal union to us. Humphries tells us he is about halfway complete with the purported 11-track debut.

"Earlier Fevers material was about my sleep deprivation; lately the songs I've been writing have been about the ideal of obligations and how genuine they are," explained Humphries about the subject matter on the forthcoming record.

Humphries will be celebrating his 26th birthday on Saturday night, so that simple fact should up the jubilee for the night. About his birthday day and those "obligations," Humphries says: "I'm noticing a lot of people I grew up with or know from high school are either engaged, married, have children, or have two of the three combined." Humphries tells us he always felt apprehensive toward marriage, especially at his age, when, as he puts it, "There's so much out there. 

"It made me wonder, is marriage expected of you, or do most people feel obligated?" These questions are too deep for us to answer here.

Getting back to the music, sample "Dynamite Pond" below. This intricate, musically bipolar number is a combination of several 30-second songs Humphries has written over the past three years. That detail is evident in its sporadic nature, but at the end of the day, the fuzzy aggression and serene placidity that bookend this song makes it harmonious enough to leave us in anticipation of further works.

Fevers with Beach Day, DJs Mig & Andie Sweetswirl, The Reckless Dames at The Green Room. Saturday February 18. Doors at 9pm. No cover. RSVP to [email protected] for a free drink.

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Alex Rendon