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Filter's Richard Patrick: "If Rush Limbaugh Had a Massive Heart Attack From Eating So Much Shit, That Would Be Alright with Me"

Richard Patrick, the founder and lead singer of Filter never used to get political in public. Then, one day, some rednecks in a pickup truck started throwing trash at his wife's car and almost ran her off the road because her Prius had a "Ban Assault Weapons" sticker on it.

Now the guy is unleashing the full assault of his invective filled diatribes against the Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh, right wing extremism, organized religion, Jesus Christ, and gun nuts to anyone who will listen.

Here's a massive "fuck" filled rant against a few things the singer hates before Filter's show at Culture Room this weekend coinciding with Filter's new album "The Sun Comes Out Tonight" on Wind-up Records.

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What do you think of Rush Limbaugh? He records in Palm Beach, not too far from where you're gonna be playing.

I think he's crazy, sorry. Not sure if hes gonna read this, but it's it's just not constructive, not good for the planet, us or society, taking the fringe exteremist conservative religious right wing and stirring it up and making a killing and getting all these people excited and there's just no truth behind it.

Global warming is an actual fact proven by scientists. There's a couple of scientists hired by oil companies to say otherwise, but the other fuckin' scientists in the fucking scientific community and all the amazing institutions across the world are saying global warming is man made and real. There's more particles in the air than ever before. To deny science like he does is crazy.

And this whole thing with Benghazi, the right wing is acting like this is the worst fuckin' scandal ever in American history. Really? So slavery wasn't the worst scandal? What about the Trail of Tears and the treatment of Native Americans?

The Tea Party are sworn to uphold the constitution? Well the constitution is the instructions on how to run the USA, the political system made for the people by the people. But what they're doing is going into the senate and saying 'I don't wanna vote. I filibuster.' They shut down congress, they shut down the senate the system more than a hundred times.

For instance, there's the gun rights issue, where 80% of the USA on every single fuckin' poll, 80% have said "I think background checks are a good idea," and then you've got six guys in the senate who filibuster. The American people should be able to vote on that issue, but six idiot politicians won't let them because the 11% of Americans who support the NRA would get mad.

Then you gotta drag out the Sandy Hook victims and beg for a vote. We want a vote.

All this obstructionism. They wont let Obama get anything done!

They're crazy. They think everything should fuckin' regulate itself. Basically anarchy. Could you imagine a world where the tobacco industry regulated itself? There'd be three year olds smoking.

Society, civilization is based on law, on fucking rules. Here's one: You can't go shoot someone in the fucking face. You can't buy grenades.

The second amendment needs to be amended. Things have to adjust for today's world. The guys who wrote the constitution weren't thinking "Oh, the second amendment is about having an arms race with the government." The government won that a long time ago. They got tanks, we got shit.

Now, we've got a situation.

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