Filter's Richard Patrick: "If Rush Limbaugh Had a Massive Heart Attack From Eating So Much Shit, That Would Be Alright with Me"

Richard Patrick, the founder and lead singer of Filter never used to get political in public. Then, one day, some rednecks in a pickup truck started throwing trash at his wife's car and almost ran her off the road because her Prius had a "Ban Assault Weapons" sticker on it.

Now the guy is unleashing the full assault of his invective filled diatribes against the Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh, right wing extremism, organized religion, Jesus Christ, and gun nuts to anyone who will listen.

Here's a massive "fuck" filled rant against a few things the singer hates before Filter's show at Culture Room this weekend coinciding with Filter's new album "The Sun Comes Out Tonight" on Wind-up Records.

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What do you think of Rush Limbaugh? He records in Palm Beach, not too far from where you're gonna be playing.

I think he's crazy, sorry. Not sure if hes gonna read this, but it's it's just not constructive, not good for the planet, us or society, taking the fringe exteremist conservative religious right wing and stirring it up and making a killing and getting all these people excited and there's just no truth behind it.

Global warming is an actual fact proven by scientists. There's a couple of scientists hired by oil companies to say otherwise, but the other fuckin' scientists in the fucking scientific community and all the amazing institutions across the world are saying global warming is man made and real. There's more particles in the air than ever before. To deny science like he does is crazy.

And this whole thing with Benghazi, the right wing is acting like this is the worst fuckin' scandal ever in American history. Really? So slavery wasn't the worst scandal? What about the Trail of Tears and the treatment of Native Americans?

The Tea Party are sworn to uphold the constitution? Well the constitution is the instructions on how to run the USA, the political system made for the people by the people. But what they're doing is going into the senate and saying 'I don't wanna vote. I filibuster.' They shut down congress, they shut down the senate the system more than a hundred times.

For instance, there's the gun rights issue, where 80% of the USA on every single fuckin' poll, 80% have said "I think background checks are a good idea," and then you've got six guys in the senate who filibuster. The American people should be able to vote on that issue, but six idiot politicians won't let them because the 11% of Americans who support the NRA would get mad.

Then you gotta drag out the Sandy Hook victims and beg for a vote. We want a vote.

All this obstructionism. They wont let Obama get anything done!

They're crazy. They think everything should fuckin' regulate itself. Basically anarchy. Could you imagine a world where the tobacco industry regulated itself? There'd be three year olds smoking.

Society, civilization is based on law, on fucking rules. Here's one: You can't go shoot someone in the fucking face. You can't buy grenades.

The second amendment needs to be amended. Things have to adjust for today's world. The guys who wrote the constitution weren't thinking "Oh, the second amendment is about having an arms race with the government." The government won that a long time ago. They got tanks, we got shit.

Now, we've got a situation.

There are more mass shootings and school shootings than ever before, and 20 dead in Sandy Hook.

So the president says, "I got an idea, let's get a comprehensive federal background check system." Not state.

One of the determining factors in people living through spree shootings is when the killer runs out of ammo and takes five seconds to grab a clip and stuff it back in their gun.

In Sandy Hook, the killer fumbled, dropped his magazine, and was fooling around trying to get it back, and during that time 11 children ran out of a classroom and got away. And then he stuck the clip back in and killed 20. So let's regulate the size of magazines, make it 10 bullets a clip. So that if you want to shoot 100 bullets, you have to change magazines 10 times.

And the next thing is these highly developed assault rifles. I don't think the normal person thinks it's safe for you to have a gun that can go bababababababaaababaaba, that bullets fly out of as fast as you can pull the rigger. Let's take that out of the American marketplace.

But, no, these stupid politicians didn't allow a vote. None of the senators listen to the polls, or facts, or constituents. They went ahead and welcomed the horrendous repercussions of bowing down to the NRA, which only represents 11% of the people.

The few have now decided on something that affects the entire nation, and that's treason.

That's treason, this shit the Tea Party is doing, not abiding the constitution. A bunch of radicals on the far right are in control.

Now who's the fuckin' tyrant? Not the man in office! It's these fuckin' extremists on the right.

If Rush Limbaugh had a massive heart attack from eating so much shit and ate himself to death and had a heart attack, that would be alright with me.

Hey Rush, let's run around the block and see who wins. I'll challenge Rush to a fucking 100 yard dash, and I had two back surgeries, so don't give me any bullshit. I'm still rockin' on stage and doing my shit bro. He's part of the problem, not the solution.

Being a rockstar is about getting into trouble by saying the truth on what I feel, and I'm on it.

I'm one of the few people in the world that doesn't have to show up to a regular job everyday and work. I got so much free time on my hands on the bus between shows, I watch all the news channels. I watch FOX, NBC, ABC, MSNBC... All that shit.

Here's another thing, let's get off gas, it's like, this is the United States of Money.

Yeah, Filter CDs are in Walmart, so what. Dude, I'm gonna sell my shit anywhere I can. I'm right there. I gotta make my fuckin' money like anyone else. I'm not an employee of Walmart. I don't have a problem with Walmart.

I'm not being specific with what I'm mad at. I'm just mad that big business has such a drastic effect on government and how elections are held. That's what I have a problem with.

I'm fine with people making a living, just don't trash the world.

I put my CDs in paper cases, and it's way more expensive, but I do it cause the jewel boxes most cd's come in, you cant even recycle them. They're a very toxic form of plastic. My cds come wrapped in paper and shrink wrap.

I only have one tour bus. I don't have three or four. Mariah fuckin' Carey has a tour bus just for her fucking shoes. I know one of the drivers on her tour. She'd rather pollute the world and have her shoes than to be uncomfortable.

But hey, even though I say crazy shit on Twitter and online, I don't literally mean it. I called Donald Trump "a blood belching cunt." That is so offensive that it's funny. You can't take that seriously. But some people get really pissed off at me. So I usually say, "Hey, next time we're in town, stop by and let's eat some pizza." At the end of the day, we're all humans on this planet, just because everything is screwy doesn't mean we can't hang out and talk. Online is the devil. Online is crazyland. Everyone is talking and no one is listening. It's funny to me, start arguments just to read the reactions.

Case in point: Galileo discovered Jupiter and Saturn and said "I think we're revolving around the sun." Well, the Catholic church threw him in prison.

People believe in creationism before a scientifcally proven fact. Charles Darwin's theory of evolution in the science world has been around for milllenia. The law of the origin of species on the planet, that's proven fact.

That's the problem with religion, it's got something in it that says, "If you don't believe me and turn your will over to me, you're gonna go to hell and you're gonna burn and be tortured in a burning lava pit forever." That's what Jesus Christ says. That's what's written in the Bible.

If you look at the Bible and read it, there's some scary shit. There's 50 reasons why you can kill your spouse. The thing they always quote in the bible about gay people about man laying with another man in Leviticus, right next to it it says "And by the way, you can treat your slaves nicely. You shouldn't be overly abusive to your slave."

That's your fuckin' Bible. There's the law of the mystical land you think is there.

If there's a Jesus, and I die and he says, "I've got your mom and your grandma up here in heaven, but you didn't accept me as your Lord and savior, sorry Rich, but I'm gonna send you to hell cause I'm such a loving God. Everybody loves JC. You're going to hell not for 15 years, not for a couple hundred years, not for a million or two million, or three trillion years, but for infinite time, forever, you're gonna be in hell forever."

Does that sound loving to you?

There's this other universe I gotta fuckin' sit around in and put my money in the donation thing? And my religion says go blow up a building. Does any of this sound fuckin' rational?

And Catholicism? Drop fuckin' dead. The pope hid 10,000 kids having been molested... Blind kids, deaf kids, molested by the catholic church who covered it up.

And what about the Inquisition?

If i joined the KKK that would be like wow, or if I turned into a neo-Nazi, they'd be like holy shit, but yet somehow Christians are somehow forgiven for killing throughout history?

Don't forget about the Dark Ages, that's when everybody fucking believed in God, and they burned the scientists at the stake.

Carl Sagan is a smart important man. He's my hero. Neil deGrasse is my hero. He's the most outgoing contributor to science now. He's bringing it to the masses. He's a very bright man. He's a cool guy. Stephen Hawking is my hero.

Rush Limbaugh and Bill fuckin' O'Reilly and those guys? Not my heroes.

Phil Anselmo and Bono, those are my heroes.

My life is crazy.

I'm a recovering alcoholic, dad of two, I seen some stuff... I been to Iraq and been shot at. Someone shot a fucking missile at us. I've been shot at in anger. I felt, for one half a millionth of a second, what it means to die. Once the brain stops working, it's just over, it's just over.

I wanna make this place heaven. I don't believe in judgement days. A large majority of the public doesn't care. I'm picking out my new electric car. I'll have it plugged into my solar panels. Science has come again.

We are a species that invents tools.

I'm done. Did you get all that?

Filter with Dharmata and Falseta at 7:30 p.m., on Sunday, May 26, at Culture Room 3045 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Tickets cost $18. Visit

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