Filter's Richard Patrick: "If Rush Limbaugh Had a Massive Heart Attack From Eating So Much Shit, That Would Be Alright with Me"

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There are more mass shootings and school shootings than ever before, and 20 dead in Sandy Hook.

So the president says, "I got an idea, let's get a comprehensive federal background check system." Not state.

One of the determining factors in people living through spree shootings is when the killer runs out of ammo and takes five seconds to grab a clip and stuff it back in their gun.

In Sandy Hook, the killer fumbled, dropped his magazine, and was fooling around trying to get it back, and during that time 11 children ran out of a classroom and got away. And then he stuck the clip back in and killed 20. So let's regulate the size of magazines, make it 10 bullets a clip. So that if you want to shoot 100 bullets, you have to change magazines 10 times.

And the next thing is these highly developed assault rifles. I don't think the normal person thinks it's safe for you to have a gun that can go bababababababaaababaaba, that bullets fly out of as fast as you can pull the rigger. Let's take that out of the American marketplace.

But, no, these stupid politicians didn't allow a vote. None of the senators listen to the polls, or facts, or constituents. They went ahead and welcomed the horrendous repercussions of bowing down to the NRA, which only represents 11% of the people.

The few have now decided on something that affects the entire nation, and that's treason.

That's treason, this shit the Tea Party is doing, not abiding the constitution. A bunch of radicals on the far right are in control.

Now who's the fuckin' tyrant? Not the man in office! It's these fuckin' extremists on the right.

If Rush Limbaugh had a massive heart attack from eating so much shit and ate himself to death and had a heart attack, that would be alright with me.

Hey Rush, let's run around the block and see who wins. I'll challenge Rush to a fucking 100 yard dash, and I had two back surgeries, so don't give me any bullshit. I'm still rockin' on stage and doing my shit bro. He's part of the problem, not the solution.

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