Five Animated Music Videos Before the Beastie Boys' and Spike Jonze's New Collaboration

2011 has been a good year for the Beastie Boys. Hot Sauce Committee, Part 2 came out, and it's pretty damned good. Their cameo-infested, 30-minute music video for "Make Some Noise" was one of the most anticipated clips since Music Television's been off the air. That video was kind of funny and pretty entertaining. It could have been a lot better, but it turned into a literal pissing contest between the leading men.

On the heels of that, the Beasties announce they are teaming up with Spike Jonze to make a video for "Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win (Feat. Santigold)". Back in '94, the B-Boys and Jonze collaborated on their best video -- perhaps the best video ever -- "Sabotage." In an official announcement, they said of the new vid: It is an explicit action adventure spectacular. It features action figures of us... and yes, they are ACTION figures, NOT dolls!

As we can smartly guess, this video will be animated and awesome. Let's take a look at some other videos that foray into the world of frame-by-frame motions, shall we?

The White Stripes - "Fell in Love With a Girl"

Directed by Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind surrealist Michel Gondry, this video's sharp look, simple color scheme, and child-like vibe is excellent. The Legos' basic shapes and intricate animation are a perfect fit. Like Tetris, but with Legos and no bass guitar.

Blur - "Coffee and TV"

A really compelling and terrible day in the life of a super-cute milk carton set to Brit-pop glory.

Green Jelly - "Three Little Pigs"

These guys. This is one of those things, like ska-punk, that was so cool for one afternoon, then unbearable for the rest of your life. Enjoy!

Def Leppard - "Let's Get Rocked"

Def Leppard said the protagonist of this video was supposed to be a Bart Simpson type, which makes no sense; the rubbery, computer-generated kid is not funny. Best part of this video? You can tell how much the guys in the Lepp love showing off their high-tech, new-graphics-making technologies -- they show off the "rendering" and "computating" of almost every image.

Radiohead - "Paranoid Android"

This video was amazing in 1997. It is cheery and colorful and totally dark and disturbing. It doesn't shock or amaze as much anymore, but we've seen so much internet since then.

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