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Five Brutal Fan T-shirts and the People Who Wore Them to Summer Slaughter Tour at Revolution Live

Summer Slaughter Tour at Revolution Live was nine hours of an intense auditory attack. Inside the pit, hair viciously spun around like psychedelic tops. In between songs, bands got one-on-one with the crowd, and the audience responded back with its best attempts at a Corpsegrinder voice.

At a show as hard, loud, and dark as this one, there's a lot of pressure riding on one's ability to be metal. One important metal indicator is your band T-shirt. You're not gonna find a Mariah Carey top in this crowd. Choosing the right one to wear to a daylong metal show, then, is a crucial decision. Luckily, we found the top five metal shirts of the day and learned about the people behind these brutal threads.

5. Torche T-shirt Guy

What was the first metal show you've ever attended? A show with Megadeth and Life of Agony.

What was the last thing you did in preparation for this show? Had a couple of beers, some cigarettes, and then took a nap.

Why exactly do you keep your hair so long? Because... I'm afraid of hairdressers.

Which band did you mostly come out to see? Between the Buried and Me and Cannibal Corpse. It's a tie.

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