Five Buju Banton Songs to Know

​This week's cover story takes a look at whether the U.S. government, with the help of a shady snitch, entrapped Buju Banton, and iconic and controversial, Grammy-winning reggae musician.

Buju is one of those rare reggae artists who achieved global fame while remaining a fan favorite in Jamaica. His career has also been marred by controversy due to violently homophobic lyrics.

Here, five songs to know by Buju Banton, for better or worse.

"Boom Bye Bye" 


As noted in the cover story, Buju conceived of this violent tirade against homosexuals as a teenager while driving with fellow performer Wayne Wonder 

"Untold Stories"


From the critically acclaimed album 'Til Shiloh, often considered a turning point in Buju's career that saw his lyrics tackle issues such as poverty and the legacy of colonialism.

"Hills and Valleys"

From the 1997 album Inna Heights, this track carries on the conscious style first explored in 'Til Shiloh.

"Driver A"


Buju's defense team argued that all his drug talk was merely boasting. This track from the 2006 album Too Bad seems to back that up. Or not. 

"Battered & Bruised"

This track is from Buju's 2010 album Before the Dawn, which he won the Grammy for only hours before walking into his retrial on federal drug charges.

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