Five Excellent Gamer Costume Ideas for Black Friday Arcade Night

Sure, scoring monster points on Call of Duty or Battlefield takes the skills of a boss. A gamer boss just like you. We know you're a shot-caller, a real top dawg. But what if there were a legit reason to put on some pants and go out and party with like-minded gamers? Green Room's Black Friday Arcade bash might just be the gathering appropriate for you.

The nightclub will roll out its big screen to host a series of videogame tournaments hosted by Play 'N Trade. We're talking serious tournaments, boasting Marvel-versus-Capcom. For those not into competitive gaming but who love to play anyway, there will be classic Nintendo consoles set up throughout the club. To add to the fun, everyone's invited to put on videogame-inspired gear and compete for the big win.

Not sure what to wear? Here're a few ideas to get your joystick, ahem, poppin'.

4. Cardboard Console
Here's a cheap, crafty idea: Get some cardboard boxes and create a life-sized gaming console. Wear it like a boss, and invite those lovelies at the club to play with you. To really score hard, repeat: "Occupy these buttons, hotstuff."

3. Mario! Luigi!
Put some use to those stick-on mustaches this Friday. Show up dressed as these 16-bit scenesters, Mario and Luigi. Now all you need is to find a princess, preferably a drunk one, and some more drinks. Power up!

2. Pac-Men
Wearing these costumes as a Pac-Man and ghost duo will really spice up the night. Pretend to gobble down some pellets when your friends chat with you. And to live out a freakish fantasy, chase each other around the Green Room. Now this is the reason you left the house.

1. Bowser, what?!
There's no socially awkward situation that can't be fixed by spitting out fireballs and telling your enemies and friends to "Eat it." With Halloween around the corner, you can save your best Bowser gear for later. But for this week, burn those less-than serious gamers with your knowledge on levels and stuff. 

Black Friday's Arcade Night. 10 p.m. Friday, September 21, at Green Room, 109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. This is a 21-and-older party with no cover charge. Call 954-727-0950, or visit greenroomlive.com. 

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