Five Food-On-Face Tattoos Inspired by Gucci Mane's Ice Cream Ink

Rapper Gucci Mane loves ice cream so much he got three bluish scoops in a lightning-emitting cone tattooed on his face. The sweet, edible ink is courtesy of Shane Willoughby.

We think other stars are gonna follow suit. Everyone loves food, tattoos are super badass, and what's the most super badass way to shout out your favorite snacks? Tattoo that hot dog on your face, duh.

Using computers and high-tech imaging prediction software (from the future) we've gotten our hands on photos of five of pop's biggest stars and their favorite treats permanently affixed to their faces.

Andrew W.K.

He parties hard, he loves Frito-Lay snacks. It is rumored he once ate 12 entire bags of Chili-Cheese Fritos while punching himself in the face.

Trick Daddy

Miami's own Trick Daddy is no stranger to a little brawling. His favorite part about the fight? It's gotta be eating that t-bone steak he used to soothe his face.

Mariah Carey

Her favorite food is pizza,

Travis Barker


If questioned about his interest in face tattoos, Pitbull will most likely answer, "Chico, I'm the three oh five... we eat fritas for breakfast, lunch and dinner... what you think is gonna be on my face? Some, like, stupid potato? Ya tu sabes!"

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