Five Good Reasons to Check Out Black Locust Society's Pop Up Shop Before it Closes

It's impossible to deny that the great minds behind Black Locust Society are doing something big for the

Fort Lauderdale scene. From their special events to quarterly Swarm

parties, this crew has a way of bringing the multi-genre scenes of Fort

Lauderdale together in one place. And this is an energy that is also

felt inside their latest endeavor, a pop-up shop. From the variety of brands to all the

people coming out to support, there is no

shortage of diversity within the four walls. 

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Since opening its doors, there have been a plethora of good times and surprises happening each weekend at the shop. So, if you haven't checked it out yet, you're seriously missing out. But, there are still two weekends left to redeem yourself. Here's five good reasons to stop by before it closes its doors for good.

5. To play "Blinko" 
If you've gone to Swarm, chances are you've tried your hand at spinning the big ol' wheel of prizes. Maybe you've gone home with a Swedish fish, perhaps a Swipe, but no matter what, you always have fun. Inside the shop, the BLS folks have given The Price is Right's Plinko game a facelift, and its packed with goodies.

4. The Str8 Grillin' Toy Machine
A vintage toy machine that dispenses gold teeth. Need we say more? Hand painted by local tattoo artist Dan TV of Formula Ink, this badass machine is something you'd want to display inside your home.

3. To go shopping, duh.
Sure, there's plenty of fun and games happening inside the shop, but one of the best things about it is all the rad gear packed inside. From limited edition BLS T-shirts, to artwork from Jinx Remover, and local brands the Mongrels and Cats are the Illest, there's something for everyone at the store.

2. Free live music
Last weekend Bleubird and JabrJaw performed in the courtyard outside Laser Wolf and the pop-up shop. Over the upcoming weekend, in honor of their special cassette release, Astrea Corporation will be performing alongside Kill Mama and Iron Ora. And it's all free!

1. To support your local scene
It's easy to complain about our city being a bore. We always want to move or travel to other places because they have something better going on. But, for the first time in awhile, there is a group of people working hard to build and create a better scene within the 954. So, go purchase a Fort Lauderdale tee or tote bag, and rep your city. And show some support to the group of folks who are putting all of this on.

Black Locust Society Pop Up Shop. 901 Progresso Dr., Fort Lauderdale. Pop Up Shop runs until March 23. For more info visit

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Betsey Denberg