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Five Great Reasons to Fall in Love with Peter Frampton

Peter Frampton was once a proper heartthrob who made women absolutely melt when encountering his golden locks, tender love songs, and winning smile -- just ask my mom.

However, Frampton has always been a champion of the guitar beyond anything else, as is evident by the fretboard histrionics that have punctuated just about everything the venerable Brit has ever released. Lest we forget that he was once -- prior to his rise to success as the indisputable king of the live album format -- lead guitarist of one the most cutthroat (and underrated) units to ever lay siege to an audience, Humble Pie.

The guitarist and songwriter has dedicated most of his time in recent years to his Guitar Circus tours, and as anyone who's attended will tell you, if you're not sold on the hits, Frampton the guitarist makes the shows entirely worth the cost of admission. As we noted when reviewing a Guitar Circus show a few years back, the guitarist and songwriter has aged with an astounding amount of grace, particularly relative to the lion's share of his peers. Save for a tussle involving the tossing of a rude fan's cell phone this year, Frampton has managed to avoid any real scandal or embarrassing late-career crisis.

While many artists accustomed to the gargantuan success Frampton has enjoyed have been tempted to make the recorded equivalent of hair plugs, Frampton has always kept it on point with a brilliant sense of humor and incredible chops. With another Frampton show around the corner, we can't help but ruminate on how wonderful Peter Frampton really is. The dude is really a treasure, and an underrated one at that. So, here are the top five reasons to fall in love with this legend.

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David Von Bader