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Five Guys You Meet at Speakeasy's Mantastic Wednesdays

Fellas, let's face it: It's hard being a man in a woman's world, especially when it comes to nightlife.

Ladies are always the ones who get to party (and get drunk) for free. So what's a guy to do when he wants to hang with the boys, watch football, and crush empty beer cans with his forehead?

Drink all the booze he wants for $5 at the Speakeasy Lounge's Mantastic Wednesdays.

"We cater to the guys totally," admits Samantha, one of the ladies who mans the bar. "Guys head out just to have a guy's day, and we put a bunch of [dude flicks] on the TV, like Die Hard, and movies that appeal to them."

And with all-you-can-drink wells from 8-11 p.m., the Speakeasy becomes a major sausage fest every week.

Here are five guys you'll meet at Mantastic Wednesdays, according to Samantha the bartender.

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Duck Dynasty Doppelgangers

"Our biggest clientele are bearded guys," fesses Samantha.

"That's the majority of them! It's the bearded guys with tattoos. A lot of people ask if they're from Duck Dynasty," she laughs.

Now these dudes are hardcore, so they usually go for a whiskey ginger.

"That's definitely the most popular drink around them," claims Samantha. "It's pretty much a guarantee when it comes to those guys."

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