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Five Homages to Rebecca Black's "Friday" We're Dying to Hear

As reported by TMZ, Rebecca Black's management team (her mom? Her friends in the front seat/back seat?) have submitted a takedown notice to YouTube for her smash hit song "Friday." Apparently, Ark Music Factory is totally cashing in on the instant classic song, and they do not own the performance or the video. But now it's up over at VEVO -- so no harm, no lost ad revenue?

We don't know much about Ark -- except that they are like the musical version of Chek Cola, Hydrox, and Sam's Choice products. Take a look at their roster; every artist is a generic version of someone else -- they ain't playing when they say they are a factory. Right around the time Black removed "Friday" off the YouTube, Ark announced that every Friday for

the rest of mankind will be celebrated with either a cover, remix, or homage of Black's hit


So, since they invite anyone to submit "ANY cover, parody or homage to song" we're gonna suggest some we got to see.

The Cure "Friday I'm in FUN!"

Robert Smith and crew, who memorably decided that being in love one day a week would be tolerable, will look just as "natural" as Black and company singing about the merits of weekday listing and looking forward to things. Or nothing. Looking forward to nothing, Robert Smith looks forward to nothing, right? He seems so sad, maybe doing this cover will turn his pasty frown into a cheerful smirk.

Chris Tucker "Friday After Friday After the Next Two"

Here's how it goes: Chris Tucker, as Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element lands in South Central, using his futuristic Auto-Tuned voice. He bumps into T-Pain and Ice Cube and a young Chris Tucker (played by Lil Bow Bow or regular Bow Bow), and they just do a three-minute remake of the original "Friday" to the beat of Black's "Friday" with newly Auto-Tuned vocals by Tucker and Pain.

Bay City Rollers tribute band Rock'N Roller does "FRIDAY NIGHT"

These guys got the Rollers swag and spunk down pat, and many of the reasons we like "Saturday Night" apply to the day before too. All they gotta do is merge Black's song with Bill Martin's arrangement. Well, they also gotta find a way to spell out Friday to the beat of Saturday; we suggest "Fri-Day-F-R-I-D-A-Y Night!"

Otto Von Schirach "Fried Eggs in My Ear"

We're gonna ask Otto to submit his song as is and just tell Ark that it's "Fridays in My Ear." Our only concern is seeing if Ark creates a generic Von Schirach.

Creed "Friday Morning"

This one we can actually see happening. Ark seems to have some sort of Christian vibe, and Creed is the most Christian of all hard Christian rockers. They'll just take Black's jam and filter it through fake Eddy Vedder voice and grunge riffs gone dull. Creed looks forward the most to Sunday, because of the wine.

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