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Five Implausible Things We'd Like to See at Artopia February 23

Artopia is guaranteed to be an explosive mix of art, music, food, drinks, and interesting people. Il Bacio in the heart of Delray Beach's coolest drag, Atlantic Avenue, is a perfect fit for the event. This elaborate restaurant/bar knows how to party and how to make a spectacle. For a fairly new club, its parties are legendary and over the top.

Artopia never disappoints, and always surprises us with its lavish spreads, amazing music, and of course its wondrous art. But we always think an event can do better. So we dished out five things we know are implausible but hope to see at the next Artopia, on Wednesday, February 23, 2011, anyway.

Stilt Babies
Yeah, a full grown man or woman on stilts is pretty amazing, but it can be a little intrusive. This year we hope they up the ante and throw some cute toddlers on the stilts. Obviously, in the interest of safety, the stilt babies will be equipped with diamond encrusted crash helmets.

Secret Eating Chamber

If you're like us, you're going to spend a large portion of your evening sneaking small portions of pan seared tuna steak bites, hoping not to get noticed as you return for thirds. We propose that they put all the food in a candle lit area, served by blindfolded waiters. It'll be fun; the only downside is that it will probably be messy and gross.

Bubbly Bubble Machine
The best way to kick a party into high gear is a sudden blast of bubbles to the face. Everyone loves it. It's magical and mysterious, but where did the bubbles come from? To avoid the unpleasant taste of having a soapy bubble pop in your mouth, we say have the bubbles infused with sparkling wine. Now that sounds both classy and appetizing.

Wings and Wigs Free With Admission
As you walk in, an alabaster-coated model will fit you with angel's wings if you are a lady or a Mozart wig if you're a man. Talk about fit for a masterpiece.

Spin Art Gravitron
As you wait in line to ride the Gravitron, you are a given a tube of gouache paint. The conductor -- an androgynous model wearing only Yoko Ono glasses, a Kid N' Play haircut and football pads - flips the switch and all the passengers get artfully coated in green, yellow and mauve paint. Sweet.

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