Five James Cuts Deeper Than "Laid" for Tonight at Culture Room

"Laid" will always be the James song that Americans know best -- and it is a clever, catchy moment that has aged better than a lot of things you probably liked in 1993 (excepting the superb Boomerang soundtrack). However, bands tend to have lots of songs other than the one hit, and James has oodles of hooky material that invites comparisons to Primal Scream, David Gray, and the Smiths. Read the masterful Alex Rendon's feature on the band here.

Five songs worth listening for at James' Culture Room appearance tonight follow below.  

"Say Something" was the "Laid" follow-up single that actually got played in the U.S., and though it is far more somber than its predecessor, the track is masterful in its bent vocal work by Tim Booth.

"She's a Star" is a falsetto gem off 1997's Whiplash with a delicious riff at the outset."She's a Star" is a falsetto gem off 1997's Whiplash with a delicious riff at the outset.

"Honest Joe" displays a far more psychedelic side of the band, thudding beats and distortion -- from 1994's Wah Wah.

From 1999's Millionaires, "I Feel Like Fred Astaire" is perhaps something you experience from time to time as Tim Booth. Does he look like Flea?

"Born of Frustration" actually made an impact in the U.S. prior to "Laid" -- and it's easy to hear why this is a favorite among longtime fans. There was some serious verve underway even in 1992.

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