Five Most Underrated South Florida Hip-Hop Tracks of 2015

2015 is nearing its end and you have to admit, it was a great year for hip-hop in South Florida. All your favorite artists, like Pouya, Denzel Curry, and Yung Simmie, dropped some bangers that are still in heavy rotation on our playlists. But what about the head-nodders we overlooked? Being underrated may be one of the worst feelings. Luckily, we're here to show you what you might've missed.

The songs below may not have garnered the most SoundCloud plays, and the artists may not have the Twitter most followers, but let’s give credit where it’s due. It doesn’t take a viral video to be great, and South Florida’s hip-hop scene has proved it. These are a few of the tracks that we slept on in 2015, and it’s time to wake up.

Xali - Still (Prod. by MisterBrooks)

Xali takes hip-hop into his own hands with his single "Still." While he definitely made some waves in 2015, managing to hit the stage all throughout the year, we're not sure the people of South Florida are truly aware of this man's talent. "Still" is a combination of South Florida's lyricism with some West Coast flavor in the production by MisterBrooks. "'Still' is for the people. It was my first step to presenting music that was appealing to the ear, yet not taking me away from myself," says Xali. "This was my way of beginning to connect with peoplel through more relatable topics. Everyone who knows my music knows of my lyrical talent, but music is more than just lyrics."

Xali gave us straight heat on the bars, but it didn't hit everyone's New Music Monday playlist. Hip-hop is a sound that many artists struggle to produce, but Xali consistently creates greatness, and will undoubtedly come even harder next year with his collective So Flo HipHop.  

Calvani - Squad Shit (Prod. by @whoisjaystorm)

"That boy so crazy, call him Ace Ventura." Calvani is here to keep building a case for white rappers who can go hard. The Palm Beach rapper unleashes slick bars over beats that make your lady wanna shake it, while his single "Squad Shit" brings out vibes best enjoyed with your team. Calvani graced the same stage as Yung Simmie and Post Malone this past Summer, making it clear you better not sleep on him in 2016. Calvani plans to drop a complete project soon, but the exact release date is still a surprise.

Mikey Wright - Cashmere

Mikey Wright might be the reason your girlfriend added cashmere to her wardrobe this year. The Fort Lauderdale rapper released "Cashmere" earlier this year, and if it didn’t reach your headphones, it sure will now. "Cashmere" was born from his mixtape, Do The Wright Thing, which pays proper homage to your favorite movie, Do The Right Thing. Broward producer JahRah laid down the leading track, giving it a smooth feel, perfect for your ride home.

Matt The Fucking Rapper - Shrug

If there were an award for most cuss words fit into two minutes and 29 seconds, Matt The Fucking Rapper would win for his single, "Shrug."  The Broward rapper voices how he really feels about the music industry on the single, making this one not for the kids, grandmothers, or conservative people altogether. JahRah creates a perfectly smooth mix of classic rock 'n' roll under Matt’s harsh lyrics. Why this song was slept-on, we're still not sure. One thing we are sure of is that Matt is going to make a f*cking impact in 2016.

MF - Here We Go

MF has been putting on for Fort Lauderdale for years, and the masses have still yet to catch on. Here's your wake-up call. On his single "Here We Go," MF flexes his writing skills for those not aware that lyrics are the main components of a rap song. While instant success may not have been the achievement of 2015, 2016 is right around the corner.

"My plans for 2016, first off, are definitely to build my brand and connect with the music-lovers. Secondly, to continue being the artist that I am that's evolving and producing real hip-hop. I have a few special projects scheduled to drop next year. Once they are here you'll see the magnitude that they will have. I'll leave it at that," says MF.

We bet you won't be sleeping on MF again any time soon.
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