Five Music Icon Makeovers in Ingrid Michaelson's "Blood Brothers" Video

Indie songstress Ingrid Michaelson took a cue from the "Evolution of Beauty" clips in her latest music video for "Blood Brothers". The song's message of "we're all the same on the inside" stands

pretty strongly on its own, but the music video compliments it perfectly.

Michaelson selected a handful of pretty recognizable musical icons including Bowie and Lady Gaga to emulate. Kudos to the makeup artists and hair stylists on this project for executing each shot flawlessly. Time-lapse videos like this one make you wonder how long each transformation actually took.

Take a look at five makeover moments from the video after the jump.

5. John Lennon
Great attempt but the shading in her face ended up looking like dirt. Also the wig was a little too curly to mimic Lennon's hair. Would've liked to see a Sgt. Pepper's version instead.

4. Lady Gaga
Admittedly, I'm a little bias since I love Lady Gaga. But, I felt this makeover was still a bit lackluster. Lady Gaga has done some pretty insane looks, could've kicked it up a notch.

3. Gene Simmons
Can't go wrong with a little bit of Kiss makeup. Totally spot on.

2. Amy Winehouse
Well executed but again a little on the snooze-worthy side. But hey, who are we to judge? Maybe this is one of her favorite musical icons.

1. Davie Bowie
Definitely the best shape shift moment of the music video.

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